Exclusive!: Store Colette in Paris

BCD went to Paris a couple of weeks ago and on our visit we had to stop by at Colette. Colette is a very famous and most stores around the world (especially street style) are finding inspiration from Colette when it comes to decorating their own stores. If you hang around the area for more than 30 minutes you will be seeing famous designers and people within the fashion industry since most of them are visiting the store when going to Paris. Pictures are not allowed inside, but BCD got permission to take some, so we could show all of you some of the things inside – enjoy! colette1 colette2 colette3 colette12 colette13 colette14 colette21 colette22 colette23 colette24 colette25 colette32 colette33 colette41 Colette42 colette43 colette45 colette46 colette51 colette52 colette53 colette54 colette55 colette56 colettte31

BCD visit Mark O’Sullivan in Paris

Mark O’Sullivan


BCD visit Paris in the start of April, and in this connection we visit the english photographer Mark O’Sullivan in his studio in Paris.

Mark O’Sullivan work between London & Paris and have done that since 1998, his photography work has been published in international magazines & newspapers including Beaux arts magazine (numéro spécial du mode), Style & the family tunes, WAD, GQ (India), Drome, Vogue (Brazil), Modzik, Dedicate & i-D Magazine.

During the mid noughties he begun to work creating Under the influence with Brussels based fashion designer David Szeto.

DSCN5935 DSCN5932DSCN5933DSCN5947Mark O’sullivan’s assistant

DSCN5936DSCN5928 DSCN5929 YEbUG-ryRP128w3IVlneXOyWctEWY3jT8L0lkTGnTBADSCN5940IMG_3297 IMG_3299 DSCN5951 DSCN5957 DSCN5960 DSCN5955Danish model – Oline Abildstrøm (19 years old) working for the French modeling agency Metropolitan

IMG_3322DSCN5973 DSCN5974 DSCN5980 DSCN5981Upcoming models passing by the studio to show their portfolio

Source: Some information are found on http://www.markosullivan.fr/